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Welcome! If you’ve found your way to this website then you’re probably looking for help with one of the many areas of voice and communication that I am skilled in dealing with. Are you an actor or an entire company in film, theatre, television or radio? Maybe you are a teacher, or commercial business person, a barrister who wants to improve their delivery in court? Perhaps you are losing your voice when giving talks or lectures in conferences or in public addresses? Let me help you discover a stronger healthier vocal use that won’t let you down. I specialise in vocal development for the film and stage industry, helping actors develop new accents for auditions as well as helping professional business speakers develop more vocal strength, clarity and durability.


Dee Forrest Voice Coach


Dee Forrest Voice Coaching for Actors
Actors, do you need help preparing for an audition or an accent?



Dee Forrest Corporate Speech Training
Lawyers / corporate speakers needing help with clarity and projection?



Dee Forrest Your Voice Coach
Services for the Film, TV and Theatre industries…


Voice Tips

Drink lots of water to rehydrate your body remember it takes up to 8 hrs for what you drink to replenish your vocal tissue,it's good for your skin elasticity to! 1.5 litres for women and 2 litres for men are recommended and more if you exercise.

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    Diogo Morgado has turned his role in the smash hit US mini series of 2013 The Bible into a full length movie entitled Son Of God which has just been released in the US through 20th Century Fox Having coached Diogo for the role it’s great to see his performance given this opportunity to shine..

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Classes for Actors, corporate speakers, or anyone!

I hold sessions in London and Brighton or I can travel anywhere to accommodate groups at your office or rehearsal studio. Sessions are on a one 2 one basis or in groups. Length is an hour individually or tailored to your requirements as a group, day or half day sessions or a course over several weeks. Sessions can be recorded, you are also welcome to bring your own recording equipment, to refer back to. Exercise material is provided for you to take away.

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