Dee Forrest

your voice coach

Voice and Accent coach for Actors


Accent Dialect Coach

I have a range of accents:

  • UK
  • American
  • European

in fact any regional accent you require can be covered with enough notice for research. If necessary we can work on standardising your English accent (RP). Through original accent material, by ear or through phonetic transcription. If you can hear it I can teach you!



Sightreading/Audition Technique

From the moment you walk through the door make sure you are making the right impact. Learn to come out of the text, communicate better, keep your place and make more effective use of pauses. Practise and improve cold readings skills which are essential to give you the best possible chance of success in an audition.




I can teach you the International Phonetic Association’s alphabet (IPA) in  order to be more accurate in what you can hear.


Vocal Extremes

In extremely emotional texts you may find when you shout or scream or cry that you are starting to strain or damage your voice. With coaching I can help you sound authentic but ensure good vocal health.


Intonation and Variety

Without this our everyday speech can often be flat and uninteresting, with coaching this can be improved, giving your voice colour and impact.


Diction, Elocution and Clarity

Speech faults can be identified and improved. Increase your communication skills and the ability to express yourself through language.


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Hamlet - MountviewHamlet - Mountview'Playhouse Creatures''Stage Beauty' - Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts - 16 November 2012Written by Jeffrey HatcherDirector: Abbey WrightDesigner: Fi RussellThe Libertine - Stephen Jeffereys - Mountview Academy of Theatre ArtsThe Libertine - Stephen Jeffereys - Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts