Dee Forrest

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Voice Training for Corporate Speakers and Lawyers


Public Speaking | Voice Coaching by Dee Forrest

Speeches, Presentation and Communication Skills

Improve your confidence, increase clarity,  improve the pace and expressiveness of your speeches. Make sure your message is  getting through.



Diction, Elocution and Clarity

Speech faults can be identified and improved. If necessary we can work on standardising your English accent (RP). Speeches can be worked on for impact and effectiveness.


Posture and PhysicalitySpeaking

The root of many vocal problems can often be found in bad postural habits or unnecessary physical tensions.These can be identified and with work can be reduced. Improve how you come across from the moment you walk into the room. Make sure the first impression is the right one.


Intonation and Variety

In our everyday speech we can often be flat and uninteresting, with coaching this can be improved to give your voice colour and impact.