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Stockard Channing – ‘Confessions Of An Ugly Stepsister’

A dialect or dialogue coach can be of great assistance to an actor in coaching an accent that is required and helping to design the voice and manner used for a particular character including their class and status all of which adds credibility and consistency to the screen performance. A coach can help with intelligibility whilst maintaining subtly. A coach also can help run lines and instill greater confidence. I recently worked with two actors on the film ‘The Bible’ : Diogo Morgado who played ‘Jesus’ and Roma Downey ‘Mary’ helping them to find a more neutral/ RP version of their voices to blend in with the the other actors accents thereby giving a sense that these characters came from a similar place.

A voice coach can also help when an actor needs to represent a true life character on screen recently the actor Daniel Day Lewis was quoted as saying that it was the creation of the voice of Abraham Lincoln, in the film of his life ‘Lincoln’, that enabled him to ‘find’ his character.

Having worked with an actor who needed to impersonate the comedian Frankie Howard I researched TV and film recordings to find the sound and mannerisms needed to make his portrayal believable.

Dee Forrest and the ADR Team, Hackenback StudiosADR – is post production studio work that can help the actor correct or clarify dialogue that may have been contaminated with unnecessary noise Iike an airplane/motor engine or rain machine motor in an epic period piece or gaining greater intelligibility on the sound track after the filming has wrapped. I recently completed post production ADR work at the Hackenbacker studios in London’s Soho area on the American epic mini series based on and titled ‘The Bible.

DEP – Disceet Ear Prompting a method used to directly feed the actor/presenter with dialogue or information in a ‘Live’ performance.

This Autumn I will be starting a freelance position at Guildford School Of Acting (GSA) at University Of Surrey.

  • ‘The Bible’, Lightworks Media /The History Channel (RP prep and ADR)
  • ‘Confessions Of An Ugly Stepsister’, US TV film, Stockard Channing, Matthew Good ( RP coaching on set)
  • ‘Love Equals War’ DeCantillion Films ( French accent )
  • ‘QVC ‘ shopping channel – coaching presenters.


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Diogo MorgadoStockard ChanningDiogo Morgado - ADR SessionDiogo Morgado - The Bible