Manchester Accent

Manchester Accent

Manchester Accent

Accent and Dialect Coach Dee Forrest will guide you through acquiring a Manchester Accent.

Dee has trained 100’s of actors for Film, TV, Theatre, and Voice Overs as well as University and Drama School courses on how to master a Manchester Accent. Sessions will cover all major vowel and consonant changes and use Standard English and your own natural accent to compare the required changes to master this accent. You will discover ‘Placement’, where the overall accent sounds sit in your mouth. ‘Melody’ – as every accent has its own tune and through authentic audio and visual material, you will learn how this accent compares to your own melody and how it needs to change to sound authentic in this new accent. Handouts and sample texts are provided, plus any scripts you wish to work on, these will be used throughout the sessions to apply and practice what you are learning and gauge progress.

When teaching accents I like to use the metaphor of a cake recipe, there are many cakes from different countries and cultures, and each one is unique in its blend of ingredients, some ingredients are shared, some have very similar elements and others are very different. As humans, we all share the same vocal equipment in our biological makeup, so if we can hear, feel and discover where and how those various elements are being created then we can find these different ingredients and acquire the accent.

Practice in between sessions is vital to mastering a new skill, to plant and grow the new Manchester Accent ingredients into our ‘Muscle Memory’.

Question: How long will it take to learn the Manchester Accent?

It depends on each individual and how you absorb information. Usually,10 x 1hour sessions will give you a good to a very good understanding of each accent. I try to find various techniques for individual learning styles i.e. –  imagery, technical explanations, vocal anatomy, musical, visual, physical, kinaesthetic, and phonetics.

Accent sessions are either in person in central London or in my studio in Brighton, East Sussex, and online via Skype/WhatsApp.

Actors: ‘Refresher’ accent sessions or a ‘Check In’ pre audition/self-tape are available in shorter sessions of 15/20/30/40/45 minutes and are costed according to the portion of the hourly rate.

For hourly fees and courses contact Dee: or call +44 (0)7957211065

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