Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Dee Forrest as a voice and accent coach and a director’s assistant. I have worked with Dee on four plays that I was directing at GSA.
She provided the highest standard of professional support for me as the director. Her work with my actors massively improved their performances. With each production, she delivered what was necessary for each specific project and also for each actor. All of them received clear and precise notes and, if needed, areas to work on to improve their accent or vocal use. The actors clearly respected her expertise and style of coaching which clearly fed greatly into all their performances. What I really appreciate is her way of co-operating with a director, she is happy to input possible ideas and thoughts about the accent or voice work, where requested, and follow a director’s needs at the same time, she contributes to the rehearsal process with great dignity, professionalism, and humour. Working with Dee Forrest is also a great pleasure.

Katarzyna Deszcz
Theatre director/Poland

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